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One woman’s true story about love, death, murder, political power, and consciousness, A Trail of Feathers follows the author’s shamanic journey from despair to self-discovery and spiritual awakening.  A young woman of privilege marries into one of Kentucky’s most famous families.  Her fairly charmed life begins to quaver when she encounters love, death, murder, political power, and deception until ultimately transforming herself—and her life—on a shamanic journey of self-discovery. Tracey L. Damron’s spiritual awakening is more than an extraordinary expose of the  behind-the-scenes workings of a very public family, but it is a very intimate, gentle look at one woman's slow process of awakening.

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About The Book

About The Author

Tracey Damron lives part- time in Pikeville, Kentucky at Spring Branch Farm. She spends time with her horse Magick and cats, Moonman and Baby. Spring Branch Farm hosts horse shows annually from May thru September. Tracey is an active participant in the horse shows and welcomes all to attend. Her favorite pastime is taking long walks in the mountains where she convenes with nature and feels closest to Creator. Tracey lives in a 200 year old farm house that she has renovated to accommodate spiritual retreats, practices as a medicine woman, and enjoying life.   

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